Hailing from Northwest Leicestershire, "TBC" bring something very unique to the live gig ... a fun, energetic performance, sure, but it’s the music that’s the surprise. 

You’ll recognise the tunes, but not like this !  How about Robbie Williams as rock-a-billy ?  Lady Gaga as Metal ?  Soft Cell as Country ?  Surely Britney Spears as Reggae doesn’t work ?!?   Well, it does, and it doesn’t stop there … how about the devious, twisted mashups ? 

We really didn’t think that ELO, the Beatles, the Hoosiers and Take That could be mangled into one song, but “TBC” have managed it.  Queen and Motorhead make a delightful, if somewhat well balanced melange à deux. Befittingly for right now, the Bond medley works well, oh so well. 

And the glorious Sax solo to Spandau Ballet’s True sounds so right when sandwiched between the Pretenders and Bowie. 

Yup, you’re in for one hell of a ride, a good dose of humour gives you plenty to grin about, as you remember the gig you saw “TBC”.